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List of cell lines

list of cell lines

This list summarizes cell lines that are used for genetic engineering operations and for which a risk assessment has already been carried out. The short descriptions may help principal scientists as well as authorities with risk assessment.

namesynonymrisk groupspeciestissuevirus
10-151MenschEpithelzellen; Lunge
103261MenschEpithelzellen; Lunge
10B1MenschEndometriotische ZellenSV40 early Gene
11Z, 11E1MenschEndometriotische ZellenSV40 early Gene
1205Lu1205-Lu, 1205 Lu, WM 1205 Lu, WM1205, LU1205, WC000581Maus/ MenschMelanom
1273/99 (1273)1Menschsynoviales SarkomSV40 early Gene
12Z1MenschEndometriotische ZellenSV40 early Gene
141691MenschEpithelzellen; Lunge
1431001MenschEpithelzellen; Kehlkopfkarzinom
143B143b; 143 B; 143B TK-; 143B.TK-; 143BTK-; 143TK-; HOS-143B; HOS-143b; GM05887; GM05887A1MenschOsteosarkom
16HBE14o16HBE, 16-HBE, 16HBEo-, 16-HBEo, 16-HBE14o, 16HBE14o- 1MenschBronchialepithelzellenSimian Virus 40 (SV40)
17B1MenschEndometriotische ZellenSV40 early Gene
17CL-1 17-CL1; 17cl1; 17CL1; 17 Cl 1; 17 clone 1; 17-Cl11MausFibroblasten
18B1MenschEndometriotische ZellenSV40 early Gene
1BR.3.GN1MenschSV40 early Gene
1C111MausTeratokarzinomSV40 early Gene
20-13**MenschHepatomHepatitis C virus (HCV)
209/MDCT2MausNiereAdenovirus 12-SV40 Hybridvirus
20B1MenschEndometriotische ZellenSV40 early Gene
21-53**MenschHepatomHepatitis C virus (HCV)
22B1MenschEndometriotische ZellenSV40 early Gene
risk group
kind of release virus particles

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