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Index of accessible databases

Deliberate release of genetically modified organisms (GMO) into the environment

Information on notified or authorized field trials with genetically modified organisms in Germany is listed in the order of date of application. For more details click on the respective BVL file number.

EU deliberate release of genetically modified organisms (GMO) into the environment

Information on genetically modified organisms notified for release into the environment for any other purpose than placing on the market (experimental releases). Search for basic information (e.g. country, organisms and traits) from the respective summary notification formats (SNIFs). These are part of an information and commenting mechanism defined in Council decision 2002/813/EC.

Database of safety-assessed microorganisms

The list of safety-assessed microorganisms contains donor and recipient organisms, whose hazard potential has already been evaluated. The list contains viruses, viroids, bacteria, archaea, parasites, fungi and other eukaryotic single-celled organisms as well as agents of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE agents).

Vector list

The Vector list is a list of vectors which can be specified in project applications without describing them in further detail. With its detailed descriptions and maps this list is a source of information for project leaders and competent authorities.

List of cell lines

This list summerizes cell lines that are used as donor and recipient organisms for genetic engineering operations and for which a risk assessment has already been carried out.The short descriptions may help principal scientists als well as authorities with risc assessment.

Oncogene database

With this database you have the opportunity to inform yourself about cellular and viral genes/nucleic acids that have been assessed by the ZKBS or its office in regard to their oncogenic potential. This list is continuously expanded and updated.

Register of recipient strains for biological safety measures

In this register, applicants and competent autorities can find information on recipient strains for genetic engineering operations. These information includes the assignment to risk groups, a strain description and the information if the strain is recognized as a part of a biological safety measure.

Database of monitoring reports

The BVL provides a database, which contains all of the documents relevant to environmental monitoring. The database includes authorisation decisions, monitoring plans and monitoring reports. Using the search function, the search can be aimed at consent holders, authorisation status (import/cultivation), genetic modification, cultivated species or other information.

GMO Location Register

The register provides publicly available information about experimental releases and cultivation of GMO in Germany.

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