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Oncogene database

Welcome to the oncogene database

Here you have the opportunity to inform yourself about cellular and viral genes/nucleic acids that have been assessed in regard to their oncogenic potential by the ZKBS or its office. The hazard potential arising from a protein?s immunomodulatory, neurodegenerative or toxic properties are unrelated to its oncogenic potential and are therefore not assessed. This list is continuously expanded and updated.

Note: Entries of designated oncogenes and/or tumour suppressor genes originating before 01.01.2017 may be outdated due to changed criteria relating to the assessment of oncogenes. You are advised to contact the office of the ZKBS (e.g. via the contact form on the main page) to inquire about the status of such genes.
The following genes/nuclei acids display transforming potential:
  • genes/nuclei acids that enable the anchorage-independent growth of relevant vertebrate cell lines in vitro
  • genes/nucleic acids that induce tumours in animals.
Besides the original literature the following databases are used for the assessment:
registration dateGene/Nuc. acidfunctionclassification
10/4/22LSM14A und shRNA mRNA processing body assembly factor; essential for formatio ...without hazard potential
10/4/22METTL7A und shRNA putative methyltransferase; May be involved in the assembly ...without hazard potential
10/4/22YTHDC2 und shRNA RNA Helicase; 3'-5' RNA helicase that plays a key role in th ...without hazard potential
9/5/22THBS1 und shRNA The protein encoded by this gene is a subunit of a disulfide ...without hazard potential
8/22/22HDAC8 und shRNA histone deacetylase; catalyzes the deacetylation of lysine r ...without hazard potential
8/22/22SMARCE1 und shRNA DNA-binding protein; Involved in transcriptional activation ...without hazard potential
8/8/22TMPRSS2 und shRNA serine protease; participates in proteolytic cascades of rel ...without hazard potential
8/8/22ACE2 und shRNA carboxypeptidase; essential counter-regulatory carboxypeptid ...without hazard potential
8/8/22SDHA und shRNA subunit of succinate dehydrogenase; involved in complex II o ...without hazard potential
8/8/22TWNK und shRNA DNA helicase; mitochondrial helicase involved in mtDNA repli ...without hazard potential
7/21/22PA2G4 und shRNA RNA-binding protein; May play a role in a ERBB3-regulated si ...without hazard potential
7/21/22POLR2A und shRNA subunit of RNA Pol II; This gene encodes the largest subunit ...without hazard potential
7/21/22UNG uracil-DNA-glycosylase; One important function of uracil-DNA ...tumour suppressor
7/21/22XPO5 und shRNA export protein; required for the transport of small RNAs and ...without hazard potential
7/21/22XPO6 und shRNA export protein; Mediates the nuclear export of actin and pro ...without hazard potential
7/21/22XPO7 und shRNA export protein; Mediates the nuclear export of proteins (car ...without hazard potential
7/21/22XPO4 und shRNA export protein; Mediates the nuclear export of proteins (car ...without hazard potential
7/21/22XPO1 und shRNA export protein; mediates leucine-rich nuclear export signal ...without hazard potential
7/21/22XPOT und shRNA export protein; Mediates the nuclear export of aminoacylated ...without hazard potential
7/21/22PCGF6 und shRNA transcriptional repressor; component of a Polycomb group (Pc ...without hazard potential
7/21/22PCGF2 shRNA Suppression der Expression von PCGF2 (siehe Eintrag)without hazard potential
7/21/22PCGF2 transcriptional repressor; Binds specifically to the DNA seq ...oncogene
7/21/22YES1, konst. aktiv tyrosine kinase; involved in the regulation of cell growth a ...oncogene
7/21/22YES1 und shRNA tyrosine kinase; involved in the regulation of cell growth a ...without hazard potential
7/21/22ZEB1 und shRNA transcription factor; acts as a transcriptional repressor.without hazard potential

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